We, at the ALIS Group, are cannabis aficionados.  Our passion for cannabis drives us to strive for the highest possible standards of quality in this constantly evolving market.

It all begins with nature.  A majestic panorama of mountain ranges, pristine water, and breathtaking scenery surround us here in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s this beautiful natural environment, which reinforces our belief that working in harmony with nature is the right way to grow cannabis.  By harnessing the power of the sun, and using an open air set up, Soma Farms keeps its environmental footprint to a minimum. 

With advanced grow techniques, we are also able to implement controlled grow environments to maintain optimal growing conditions.  These techniques eliminate the need for the application of pesticides.  Instead, Soma Farms uses neem oil, lady bugs, predatory mites, praying mantis, and other natural environmental controls.

With the field of cannabis in its infancy, there is tremendous potential to positively impact society.  We believe science and standards are the origins of informed decisions.  That’s why it’s our goal to provide information so that decisions about health, exploration, and happiness are the individuals to make.  

We take consuming cannabis seriously and want to ensure that cannabis from the ALIS Group is high quality, and safe to enjoy!

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